Energy Cities leads the Display campaign

What is the Display Campaign?

The Display Campaign is the first and most widespread European Campaign to encourage municipalities to publicly display environmental performances of their municipal buildings. More than 13,000 buildings are labelled with the Display poster showing their energy and water performances as well as green house gas emissions.

Launched in 2003, Display is perfectly in line with the EU Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings (EPBD). More than a voluntary labelling scheme, the Display Campaign is an information tool to raise the public awareness on energy and environment related questions. Display can provide the EU with the unique opportunity to introduce an already tried and tested scheme at the European scale as requested by the recast of the EPBD for 2012.

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Urban environment — SOER 2010 thematic assessment

State of the environment report No 1/2010

The global population is congregating in our cities. Eighty per cent of the world’s estimated nine billion people in 2050 are expected to live in urban areas. Our cities and urban areas face many challenges from social to health to environmental. The impacts of cities and urban areas are felt in other regions which supply cities with food, water and energy and absorb pollution and waste. However, the proximity of people, businesses and services associated with the very word ‘city’ means that there are also huge opportunities. Indeed, well designed, well managed urban settings offer a key opportunity for sustainable living.

Published: 28 Nov 2010

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