Schneider Electric is a €22 billion Euro company which is committed to delivering energy efficiency measures to its customers through a broad range of solutions including metering, data acquisition and analysis, and detailed energy efficiency audits. As a specialist of energy management on a world scale, Schneider Electric has a strong presence around the globe with a network of offices. As a result, it is exceptionally well positioned to provide a variety of Energy Management Services and solutions.

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Nantes is the capital city of the Pays de la Loire region and Loire-Atlantique department and it is located at 50 km from the Atlantic coast. The city is the 6th largest in France, while its metropolitan area ranks 8th with over 800,000 inhabitants.

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With the support of the EU and the result of consensus of several public and private entities committed to sustainable development, economy and energy efficiency and renewable energy. The Foundation was born Fundación Axencia Intermunicipal da Enerxía de Vigo (FAIMEVI) in May 2004, under the support of the Department of Innovation, Industry and Trade of the Government of Galicia.

The FAIMEVI foundation promotes the economic, efficiency and renewable energy policies locally. The agency coordinated European SAVE II project with other local energy agency in the region of the Black Sea in Bulgaria (BSRAEM –Black Sea Regional Energy Management Agency). The agency has also participated in the Simogier project which objective was the management and control of renewable energy source installations. This action included the installation, management and control of solar panels in various public buildings in the municipality of Vigo. The project has been developed with the collaboration of the Department of Electrical Engineering at University of Vigo.

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  CYRISEAsupports its customers in the design and implementation of Information Systems Management Energy: Build Management System, Remote reading multi-energy and Energy monitoring solution.Contact: Cyril Villemain (

Euroquality is a service provider established in 1997 specialized in Innovation and European research projects. Its main activities are innovation consultancy, technology transfer, economical studies and policy evaluation, technological audits and the management of European research and development projects.

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